Big Ash Shovel for Wood Fired Ovens

Still use the short grill tongs to move the coals? This 45 inch handle is long enough to avoid scald your hands or just burn off the hair. When you move or mix the hot coal around without burning your hands, long enough to get into the corner of the oven or grill to clean out the ashes that are otherwise difficult to reach.
Using this ash rake makes it easier to move and mix your hot coals around which saves a lot of time and also helps you create or switch the temperature zones, keep them evenly lit on your grill. it follows the contour of a barrel grill nice and the snap in handle to make a half length quickly when needed. Good for spreading coals and shoveling ash out. Fit for cleaning out wood stoves ash.

All the features you will need:

  • Elongated heat-resistance handle keep you safe.
  • Made of premium quality, sturdy enough and rust-resistant.
  • Ash tool with extra long handle for keeping your hand away from heat.
  • Labor-saving and simple operation.


  • Width: 11 inch
  • length: 45 inch  
  • 304 Stainless Steel 

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