WPPO Llc 18v Rechargeable Ash Vacuum W/ Bonus Vac Value Pack

Rechargeable, Portable and Useful.

Special! Get 40% off 18v Ash Vac with purchase of any oven or grill. Discount applied automatically at checkout. 

Take your new 18v Rechargeable Ash Vacuum on the road with you to your next BBQ cook off or use it in your camper, boat in your  house or your own backyard. There are no limits to where you can use this sucker.

Not just for Outdoor Cooking, this vac can be used indoors as well. So stop dragging a cord around the house to clean out your Wood Pellet Stove, Kitchen Cook Stove, Fireplace and Wood Stove. The Vac also doubles as a blower to stoke your fire. 

This Vac includes all accessories shown at no additional cost and you get Free Shipping!




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